How to choose a water filter : Part 2 Malaysia's Tap Water Safe To Drink?

Age old question, “Is Malaysian water safe to drink?”

Answer, YES and NO.

You would be very surprised that our Malaysian tap water is actually safe to drink directly. The level of minerals is generally below permitted levels, meaning that waters that have been treated by the water treatment plant is actually safe to consume. Apart from that the government also monitored the treatment process of water very closely based on the international water quality standards. So in short, water treated that came out of the treatment plant is SAFE and CLEAN to drink directly.

So, If our water is so clean?! Why we don’t drink out of the tap?

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Apparently according to simple surveys done by University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia’s tap water has bad taste, ‘funny’ odour and weird colour. Basically you can blame the rusty and dirty pipes that have been hidden underground for ages and the hidden water tanks/tangki’s at your house might have moss, debris, sand and in some cases insects.

Now, how consumers can get clean safe drinking water with all those dirty things wondering in our pipes and water tanks.

By traditional practice, our mummies or grannies will normally boil the tap water in hopes to get rid of the bacteria and microorganisms in the water. However, bacteria and microorganisms is not the only thing that dwelled in our waters. Excessive chlorine, organic chemicals, rust, heavy metals and micro sediments are still swimming happily in your boiled water.

Thus, getting a water purifier or water filter is the only way to get clean drinking water

Water purifiers filters out all the heavy metals and unwanted chemicals and only allow clean unpolluted water through to your drinking cup. With so many types of water filter, outdoor, indoor, membrane, sandfilter, media filters, Rofilter, hollow fibre filters, cartridge candle filters and nano filters. How do we choose? Stay tuned!

We will discuss this in the future series

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